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We love that we have the opportunity to work with such incredible, inspiring and creative friends and partner florists and, of course the beautiful flowers available in our exquisite South Africa. We are very proud to be in support of local business, driving the economy forward and creating opportunities for creativity to flourish.

Sharing Heart & Soul With You
  • Christmas tree and decorations image
    Special Occasions | By Melissa

    It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas

    It’s that time of year where festive cheer abounds - schools are about to close, streets and shopping malls are abuzz with lights, decorations and Christmas carols, and our calendars are filled with social activities to celebrate the upcoming holidays.

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  • Pure, unadulterated happiness when receiving flowers
    Special Occasions | By Tami

    Everything you need to know about Black Friday

    You’ve probably heard all about the hype surrounding Black Friday - the bargain-hunting shopping frenzy. Although an institution in the US, the Black Friday phenomenon has only recently taken hold in South Africa.

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  • Special Occasions | By Nicholas

    Celebrate Diwali with beautiful flowers

    One of the most popular festivals of Hinduism, Diwali symbolises the spiritual "victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance". Over the five day celebration, bright, beautiful flowers have become commonplace in the decorating and celebration process.

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  • Special Occasions | By Tami

    100 Beautiful Flower Quotes to Inspire your Day

    Be inspired and feel the beautiful vibrance of having flowers in your life with our collection of meaningful flower quotes and sayings.

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  • Special Occasions | By Nicole

    The Traditional Mother’s Day Flower

    The Carnation has such a rich history and has become the flower synonymous with Mother’s Day. But why, and how did these particular flowers become associated with Mother’s Day?

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  • Special Occasions | By Graham

    5 Beautiful Reasons Why Moms Are Like Flowers

    Our mothers are among the most important people in our lives. They have watched us grow and shaped us into the people we are today.

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  • Special Occasions | By Graham

    A Day Dedicated to Moms

    Why we Celebrate Mother’s Day and Where It Began. Find out more about why we celebrate Mother's Day and when Mother's Day was first campaigned.

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  • Tips | By Tami

    The Meaning Behind Mother's Day Flowers

    Learn about different flower meanings so that this Mother's Day, you can pick the flowers that reflect your mom to the T!

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  • What a Wonderful World | By Tami

    Amazing Footage of a 3 Year Flower Timelapse

    Truly a flower timelapse to end all flower timelapses. "All in all this took 3 years to shoot," says filmmaker Jamie.

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  • Local Florist Features | By Nick

    Local Florist Features

    The aim of our Local Florist Feature Series is to introduce you to all of our Partners on a weekly basis that create the wonderful creations on our website, as well as give you a bit more insight into the world of being a florist.

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  • Special Occasions | By Nick

    5 Reasons to Support Local Florists

    We're very proud of the work we do for our Partner Florists to receive new business and we love that our industry is starting to bloom again.

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  • Special Occasions | By Nobukhosi

    Isn’t it Time to Say Thank You

    At Bloomable we have partnered with TFG (The Foschini Group) to bring you the Isn’t it Time to Say Thank You campaign to the people who have had a massive impact in our lives. With three special days coming up, we’d like to invite you to take some time to say Thank You.

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  • Tips | By Tami

    Win great prizes for Dad

    Bloomable is making sure that South African fathers are celebrated this year, with amazing hampers and gifts delivered right to their door. Let us help you and browse our Father’s Day marketplace now!

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  • Printables | By Tami

    Mother's Day Cake Topper - Free Printable

    Spoil your Mom to a ‘made with love’ DIY flower topper cake this Mother’s Day! Beautiful flowers are a must on Mother’s Day and what better way...

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  • Gifts | By James

    At the Heart of it All

    The Heart & Soul of everything we do and can relate to in life, in its very essence, has something to do with our Mother’s. Her unwavering faith, eternal optimism, unconditional love...

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  • Tips | By James

    10 Fun Facts About Mother's Day

    If you are a mom or have a special lady in your life, read on to discover 12 fun facts about Mother's Day that you can use to wow and delight her - she will think you are very clever!

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  • Gift Guide | By James

    The Bloomable Flower Colour Guide

    The rose variety in all its unique and diverse texture and colour convey a message of deeper purpose, hope and majesty...

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  • Tips | By James

    How 4 Tips From Our Valentine's Day Florist Will Make You A Better Lover

    We’re selected 3 creations that we know she will love, check out the Just Perfect, Pink Love, or the Curly Willow Love...

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