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Local Florist Feature

Arum Lane Flower Market

Brendon from Arum Lane Flower Market

1. How did you get started in the flower business?
Before I opened my florist shop, I was in the entertainment and events industry for over 12 years. I needed a change in my life and wanted to start something of my own. So I thought flowers were a FAB idea.

2. What attracted you to the flower industry?
Flowers are timeless; and the gesture of giving someone flowers will always be an act of love. I felt that I wanted to be a part of creating those floral messages. I have always been creative and would rather be constructing floral art than sitting behind a desk any day!

3. Where do you look for inspiration?
I follow international trends as well as listen and brainstorm with my fellow florists. Inspiration can come from a lot of things and is ever-changing, but also mostly it is driven by my mood!

4. How did you develop your signature style?
I love bling! And I love Glitz and Glamour darling! So having said that, nothing goes out of our shop without a little sparkle of jewels.

5. What were your greatest fears at leaving one career in and starting another?
Everyone is scared of losing their financial security. However a friend once said to me that security is just an illusion. Security and fear is caused from a past experience and prevents us from taking responsibility of the moment and also our creativity. So we need to live for today and in the moment and not in the 'what-ifs'.

6. Do you believe technology is a benefit to your business?
Yes! You cannot run any business without technology. The challenge is to keep up to date with the current trends in order to keep your business aligned with today’s ever growing technology.

7. How has Bloomable changed your business?
Yes it has. The concept of Bloomable is phenomenal. It has combined technology with a timeless trade. Bloomable has made it easier for the consumer as well as the seller to purchase a floral gift.

8. Knowing what you know now, would you say it was the right decision?
Joining Bloomable has most certainly helped my business grow and to expand my business brand. Bloomable assists the local florist businesses in achieving a larger marketing footprint in areas that we are not necessarily equipped to. It also gives each florist recognition of the products that they have produced. So yes, I do think it was the right decision.

9. How do you see Bloomable and your business working together in the future?
I see all florists working and growing with Bloomable. As technology evolves, it is encouraging for us florists to have a partner that understands the trade as well as keeping abreast with ever changing world of business.

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