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Floral Abundance

Marita from Floral Abundance

1. How did you get started in the flower industry?
I grew up with my mother always doing flowers for the church etc. A few years ago I saw a quaint little florist in Elarduspark in Pretoria, I said to my husband "I want that florist". I spoke to the owner and made him an offer and that is where my journey began!

2. Can you remember a specific moment when you realized that being a florist is what you actually wanted to do? Or was it a more gradual transition?
From the moment I walked into my first shop, I knew that that was my happy place!

3. How did you develop your signature style?
Our signature style was developed as a handtied bunch with pom poms and willow.

4. What attracted you to the flower industry?
My love for flowers and making other people happy. I am a people person and love the interaction with clients.

5. What is your favourite flower and why?
An arum! As a child my mother regularly used arums in her arrangements and I developed a love for this flowers.

6. As a small business, what are some of the challenges you face moving forward?
The bad economy is going to be a challenge, but we are in the business of making people happy and with love and gratitude we will carry on.

7. Knowing what you know now, would you say becoming a florist was the right decision?
Most definitely! Especially when clients walk into your shop thanking you for beautiful designs and great service. It’s very rewarding. Conveying sympathy through flowers to loved ones who are not able to attend a funeral – celebrating a birth of a new baby – delivering flowers to the elderly who are alone and far away from their children – all of this makes it worthwhile!

8. How has Bloomable changed your business?
Bloomable has allowed me to have a website that is efficient and effective and has generated more and more income for me.

9. Do you believe technology is a benefit to your business?
Most definitely. It saves a lot of time and puts you in contact with the rest of the world!

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