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Flowers Speak to Us
11 April 2017

The floral kingdom is full of exquisite textures, vibrant colours and gorgeous fragrances that have the ability to open hearts and heal mind, body and spirit. Many have spoken and written about the wonders of the language of flowers and how through their beauty and presence they somehow have been able to talk to us through poetic gestures, the glory of their unfolding nature and their full bloom magnificence.

Join us as we share how flowers have moved us to be more kind, compassionate and caring. Come on a journey with us that will remind you how beautiful, sacred and special you are. Open your life to the magical mystery of flowers with Bloomable.


We all know what love feels like. It is who we are even if we may have forgotten this. The Rose symbolizes Unconditional Love. It is the way to your heart. It is the infinite and eternal Mystery whispering to us all to wake up, to be kind, to see through the eyes of compassion.

Rose essential oil has been recorded scientifically as one of the highest frequencies on our planet. It is a rich a vibrant essential oil that is nourishing to the soul. The sight of roses in a garden or included in our beautifully arranged bouquets and arrangements immediately fills the recipient with immense joy and gratitude.


Lavender is an incredibly peaceful and calming herb that has been known to aid in the healing of anxiety, restlessness and insomnia. As an essential oil, burning organic lavender oil in a burner at your home or office or adding it to your night-time bath will soothe your mind, body and spirit before you have a wonderful, deeply relaxing sleep? It's the most incredibly relaxing and soothing fragrance that comes highly recommended by everyone who loves gorgeous fragrances. Our Bloomable offices smell so good. :) X


Are you ready for romance in your life?

Wisteria symbolizes the magical feeling of being in love and they gently remind us to love all of who we are so that we can give from a full and overflowing cup to our loving Partner and our world.

They're not sold as cut flowers but imagine yourself surrounded by all this beauty. Breathe it in. Feel how beautiful you are and know that a loving Partner is on his/her way to you. If you are already in a divine relationship, Wisteria will help you to open your heart to brand new beginnings within your existing Partnership and deeper levels of connection and understanding. X

Flowers & Gifts with Heart & Soul by Real Artisans. Made with Love.

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