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Flower Moments

Shanaaz from Flower Moments

1. Do you believe technology is a benefit to your business?
Yes, with all the challenges you cannot run your business without the growth of today’s technology.

2. How did you get started in the florist business?
Before I opened my own florist shop I worked for a florist as a florist driver. As time went on I got the passion for flowers and love for it. I have been working in the florist industry for more than 15 years.

3. Where do you look for inspiration?
I check out the internet, magazines, and I found that I have the most amazing ability to create stunning arrangements.

4. How did you develop your signature style?
It was developed by the beauty of the gerbera flower and well taught through courses and experiences.

5. What's your favourite flower and why?
I absolutely love gerberas, because you will find it all year round.

6. What attracted you to the flower industry?
The sheer happiness it brings to people’s faces. When they have been sick or sad.

7. How has Bloomable changed your business?
A consistent flow of orders and their easy, efficient computer program they using.

8. As a small business, what are some of the challenges you face moving forward?
Florist oppositions and I believe through good client relationships and quality services will always bring them back.

9. What's the biggest challenges facing the floral industry?
I think opposition is the biggest challenge. We need to make sure that all our small businesses keep growing.

10. How do you see Bloomable and your business working together in the future?
A good honest working relationship that we already have. And hope that we flourish together as technology changes.

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