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Local Florist Feature

Florist @ Urth

Roses for U, now branded Florist @ Urth started out in 1995 at Bloemfontein, in the heart of the Free State. What grew from what was a hobby, is now a fully fledged Company. Their trained florists have provided many a beautiful gift, bouquet and bunch to make people happy in the surrounding areas of Bloemfontein.

Senior Florist and manager of the Florist Department, Sophie from Florist @ Urth

We chat to owner Risna and Senior Florist Sophie from Florist @ Urth.

What are your top 3 biggest challenges as a florist currently?

  1. The economy makes it difficult because we in South Africa do not have a culture where you buy flowers as a routine. It is the last thing you purchase and then sometimes not purchased at all.

  2. People use less flowers for functions and rely on other décor items on function table.

  3. Flower prices is always a challenge.

1. Do you believe technology is a benefit to your business?
Yes, we use e-mail & internet on daily basis. We receive orders, look for ideas and found new business.

2. Where do you look for inspiration?
In my dreams and in nature.

3. What's your favourite flower and why?
If I really have to choose, I like lilies because they look unique and they last long. Of course, roses remain a firm favourite, the colours the smell and versatility still makes it the queen of flowers.

4. What advice would you give to someone wanting to do what you're doing now?
Have passion for what you do, work hard, be patient but never negotiate on quality of delivery.

5. How do you plan on growing your business within the next 5 years?
Focus on customer care and quality. Flowers must be accessible to every person in our beautiful country.

6. As a small business, what are some of the challenges you face moving forward?
Cost of flowers. Competition is tight but I believe quality & good service will always sell.

7. Has the florist industry changed over the past 10 years in SA?
Definitely, it is now a very challenging environment with competition from department stores and from home florists.

8. How do you see Bloomable and your business working together in the future?
Growing our businesses together.

9. How has Bloomable changed your business?
Gave us a professional platform to showcase ourselves.

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