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Bespoke and Limited Edition Gifts & Flowers

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    A wellness-inspired gift that will make her feel like the goddess she is....
    fromR 715.00
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    Soak and splash away all the daily woes with this gorgeous all-natural Heart...
    fromR 399.00
  •  Nationwide Delivery
    Rejuvenate the body & soul with this all natural at home spa experience. Includes 1x...
    fromR 499.00
  •  Nationwide Delivery
    Let all your troubles melt away with stunning wooden candle, while you wash...
    fromR 320.00
  •  Nationwide Delivery
    The ultimate conscious gift for self-love and inner-peace. Beautiful prayer...
    fromR 750.00
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    Raise your hearts vibration and your soul, with this beautiful prayer bead...
    fromR 680.00
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    This gift screams luxury with all the sweet, soft, sheer and satin feels!...
    fromR 1,650.00
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    This luxuriously soft, sheer and aromatic set has all the self-care feels!...
    fromR 890.00

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    Office days are long! Let's help them relax, recharge, and detox with the...
    fromR 770.00
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    Stay consciously stylish with this cotton crochet bag & straw set when...
    fromR 920.00
  •  Nationwide Delivery
    Wash away the daytime blues with this gorgeous pamper set containing a heart...
    fromR 630.00
  •  Nationwide Delivery
    Soak and gently was away all the daily woes in glorious solitude with this...
    fromR 299.00

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