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Candy Wasted

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Tanja Berg
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Candy Wasted is owned by Tanja and Christopher Berg, who have both been working in hospitality for many years.

Before founding Candy Wasted, Christopher was an Executive Chef with a knack for pastries and Tanja was an Executive Housekeeper and Regional Procurement Manager for a Hotel Group with a talent for making people feel at home.

They have always happily had a sweet tooth each. But they found that candy stores were boring and not at all as exciting as the sugar rush they gave to you. Over time, they fostered a dream to open a gourmet candy store with candy from all over the world, home-made gelato ice cream and CupCakes in Jars. They registered Candy Wasted in 2012 and crossed their fingers.

In 2013, the Bergs vacationed in Dubai snuck a peak at Candylicious, which is a massive candy store in Dubai. Inside the grand interior, they became children once more and enjoyed the first visit to the store so much that they had to return a second time round. This was the moment in which they realised what they wanted Candy Wasted to be.

After returning home, they began to put a business plan together and producing some concept designs. Financing the business turned out to be harder than they had planned, but still the Bergs refused to give up. Moving with the times, they started as an e-commerce trader, and their website began to sell ‘CupCakes in a Jar’... but with no experience in online sales or web design, the business moved slowly.

When Dragons Den SA was advertised in 2014, they jumped to secure their last chance at financing Candy Wasted. They submitted their business plan and made it to the final, where they were asked to pitch to the Dragons on the 3rd of August 2014 at 11:00am. It was a gruelling process that many didn’t manage to come out alive from , but in the end Candy Wasted was one of the few that received an investment from Polo Leteka Radebe and Vinny Lingham.

Today, Candy Wasted has a spectacular website, a great following and investors that believe in Tanja and Christopher’s dream of selling “Happiness in a Jar”. 

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WOW! - 21 January 2016 "Everyone very happy - both recipient and sender! Thank-you very much!"

WOW! - 04 July 2015 "Absolutely incredible!"

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