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Paper Floral Creations is a team of experienced and enthusiastic designers who are excited to bring

you their original paper blooms.

Paper Floral Creations is a small business run by Kirsten and Dale Nieuwstad, newlyweds in Cape

Town. Creativity and individuality are characteristics that they both take pride in and they enjoy

bringing the unique and everlasting elements into their paper bouquets.

Our range includes giant paper roses made from imported, top quality crepe paper. These are

approximately 25-30cm in diameter and can be made in a multitude of colours. Our range caters for

gifts for loved ones, everlasting arrangements in your home or business and unique wedding

bouquets and table centrepieces. We are also able to add an individual touch and create these in

almost any colour you can think of, allowing you to make that bold statement.

Paper Floral Creations also specialise in paper peonies bouquets that also come in a range of

gorgeous and unique colours. Peonies, being a favourite to many, are usually only available for a few

weeks of the year, now you can have these beautiful blooms all year round.

We are always adapting and expanding, and we welcome special orders.

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