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Maua Blossoms

As well as their unique designs shown below, this florist can deliver anything from our national catalogue
  •  Midrand (15 km)
    Leave it to us to create a beautiful arrangement with seasonal flowers in...
    fromR 850.00
  •  Midrand (15 km)
    Maua Blossom Mixed Bouquet or Just Roses presented in a round hat box Leave it...
    fromR 1,750.00
  •  Midrand (15 km)
    Roses presented in a round hat box By mixing rose blooms of different...
    fromR 2,250.00
  •  Midrand (15 km)
    Zoom Bloom™ Unavailable
    By mixing rose blooms of different colors purposefully, you can create a...
    fromR 750.00
  •  Midrand (15 km)
    We can create a mixed bouquet with seasonal flowers of your choice and you...
    fromR 1,750.00
  •  Midrand (15 km)
    Long associated with beauty and perfection, red roses are a time-honored...
    fromR 800.00
  •  Midrand (15 km)
    Mixed bouquet presented in a round hat box. Leave it to us to create...
    fromR 1,500.00
  •  Midrand (15 km)
    iLuba's unique, environmentally-friendly patented treatment process allows...
    fromR 1,875.00

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  •  Midrand (15 km)
    Maua Blossom Mixed Bouquet or Just Roses presented in a round hat box Leave it...
    fromR 1,900.00
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Masana Sangweni
Shop Owner
41 reviews

Maua Blossoms is a flower boutique specializes in providing fresh floral arrangements for delivery throughout the Northern Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

At Maua Blossom we love creating bespoke floral beauty – from designing a bouquet to styling your dream wedding as you've always imagined it. We strive to fill your life with happiness and memorable moments.

For businesses and homes we offer a weekly delivery, set up and collection service and the freshness of flowers is guaranteed for the full working week. Whether it be a showpiece or something subtle, we can tailor packages to suit your requirements.

“Lovingly arranged blooms…perfect for any occasion”


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Customer Reviews

WOW! - 28 May 2022 "I'm impressed with the quality of the service and the delivery time. Also, the delivery person taking pictures of the moment, something I never thought of but greatly appreciated! "

WOW! - 17 September 2021 "Beautiful flowers and delivered in record time!"

Great - 28 February 2021 "Great "

WOW! - 11 October 2019 "Our flowers were delivered 7 hours after we ordered. The selection to choose from were lovely and what was delivered was beautiful. Amazing service. Thank you "

Excellent - 31 July 2019

WOW! - 18 July 2019 "Beautiful arrangement. Roses were delivered fresh and beautifully arranged. This is the third time I have ordered from Maua Blossoms and will do so again. Previous arrangements have all lasted well over three weeks. "

WOW! - 16 June 2019 "Flowers were perfect and delivery was great again, as always. Looking forward to next order."

WOW! - 21 May 2019 "Arrangement was beautiful. "

WOW! - 13 May 2019 "Very punctual and reliable. Thank you!"

WOW! - 13 May 2019 "The flowers were absolutely stunning! Better even than the picture - that hardly ever happens?! Thanks everyone, for giving some much needed smiles :) "

Excellent - 04 March 2019

WOW! - 28 February 2019

WOW! - 07 November 2018 "Great arrangement, and brought real joy to my mother. Delivered on time as promised. She was delighted with the last arrangement too. They had a second wind when the Lillie’s bloomed.Thank you"

Excellent - 26 October 2018

WOW! - 10 September 2018 "Thank you so much for excellent service. The flowers arrived on the expected date with a message. I expected a small vase but was surprised at the size. I could not recognise the flowers. They really are beautiful. Thank you. "

WOW! - 02 September 2018 "Delivery was on time, flowers were beautiful & the recipient was delighted! A great experience all round, thank you."

WOW! - 27 August 2018 "This is a well-oiled machine just waiting to provide a breathtaking service."

Excellent - 09 August 2018

WOW! - 06 August 2018 "The service was exceptional, the products was of good quality, the taste was wow, and as for delivery time it was fine as well as you stated that you cannot tell the exact time of the delivery but what i can say is that your customer service is one of the best and my husband really loved it. Thank you so much.."

Great - 03 August 2018 "There were a couple of spelling errors in the card which made it a little hard for the recipient to understand. But, I was happy that the delivery person called when they couldn't find the location - this meant that the flowers were delivered before the 3pm deadline. Thank you for that."

WOW! - 01 August 2018 "Delivered in good time & the with excellent quality flowers.Made the surprise gift to my girlfriend perfect. "

Excellent - 25 July 2018 "Good, friendly and helpful. Delivery was on time and much appreciated by the person receiving it. "

WOW! - 23 July 2018 "The service was wonderful. The flowers were beautiful and arrived on time which put a big smile on the receiver. It made their birthday even more special. As a first time customer of SA Florist, I am thrilled by your service. well done!!! "

WOW! - 22 July 2018

Excellent - 15 July 2018

Excellent - 02 July 2018 "Great service and communication! "

Great - 27 June 2018 "Good service but order placed on Friday could only be delivered on Monday."

WOW! - 15 June 2018

WOW! - 13 June 2018

WOW! - 21 May 2018

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