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Canteloupe Gifting

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    Beauty is in the smile of the receiver of this beautiful gift. Wild Olive...
    fromR 1,790.00
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    Romance that comes in a bottle, just add candles and a couch. Canteloupe...
    fromR 590.00
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    An amazing gift for that special person who deserves a whole lot of pampering,...
    fromR 1,630.00
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    Saying “I will miss you and think of you while I am away” has...
    fromR 700.00
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    No man is an island, but if he was on one, this is the box he would want. Canteloupe...
    fromR 550.00
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    A great gift for your partner in crime.  Remind them that sharing is...
    fromR 400.00
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    2 shot glasses...nope we are not insisting you share. You can have both of...
    fromR 850.00
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Leigh-Ann Lucini
Shop Owner
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Canteloupe is an inventive, women-led creative agency. We call the Mother City home but offer our services all over South Africa. Canteloupe specializes in creative production and event styling. By crafting elevated florals and installations, we strive to develop an atmosphere of ease and beauty all while committing to our collective conscious future.

Whether it’s sourcing blooms and botanicals from flower markets at dawn to sweet talking her way through airport security with overflowing flower laden boxes, with Leigh-Ann, there’s never a dull moment. Being a wild-hearted entrepreneur since childhood, Canteloupe is the manifestation of a lifelong dream fulfilled.

Canteloupe and Bloomable support local artisans and as far as possible all products are sourced and made in our beautiful country.

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Great - 16 March 2019

is now

Hi there, thanks for stopping by!

You may have noticed that we’ve changed our name, but don’t freak out. Get excited!

We’ve had a bit of makeover, but some things will never change. Like our unwavering support for local florists and artisans, nor our commitment to delivering joy through flowers and gifts.

A change of name. But no change of heart.
We’re just growing, flourishing and thriving.
We are Bloomable.

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