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Plants are wonderful things. You can find in the world either green plants or flowering plants, and in these two kingdoms you will discover nearly a thousand families and within these families thousands more species!

We sell plants, and have a number of different arrangements, bouquets and hampers that include a whole number of different plants. Just look at our Violet Garden that is a plant basket of African Violets, Gerberas and Kalanchoe. Or the Plant Basket arrangement itself of a variety of mixed seasonal indoor plants in a garden basket. We even sell trees like the Green Laurel Ball Tree that is a silk plant. Speaking of that, make sure to peruse through our wonderful selection of silk plants that will last a life time if they are well-kept and appreciated. But there are also Kokedamas, roses, orchids, ferns, bulbs and a variety of other plant products to browse before choosing your ideal gift for someone special.

There’s a number of uses for these wonderful plants. You could warm up the corner of your lounge and give your home some colour or light with a green fern, or store an arrangement in your bedroom to brighten up your evenings or you could even spice up your porch with some interesting Kokedamas and orchids. Indoors and outdoors, high and low, big and small – plants can be made for any location to create a better scene. 

SA Florist was born in South Africa with a passion for supporting local florists.

South Africa famously is home to a diversity of beautiful flowers. It would have been a shame if we had never recognised that. But we did, and now we deliver our florists’ flowers all across South Africa.

SA Florist understands the importance of community and that’s why we have created the base of florists in our marketplace. We want to make delivery personal, quick and local and to create a spirit of support amongst local communities. To help people care for their friends and loved ones.

We’ve gathered all of your favourite South African florists and traders into one e-commerce marketplace. We’ve installed only the very best software and pulled together the best expertise we could find to make finding the right flowers completely stress-free. 

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You may have noticed that we’ve changed our name, but don’t freak out. Get excited!

We’ve had a bit of makeover, but some things will never change. Like our unwavering support for local florists and artisans, nor our commitment to delivering joy through flowers and gifts.

A change of name. But no change of heart.
We’re just growing, flourishing and thriving.
We are Bloomable.

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